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We focus our efforts on a wide range of project types including land assembly, development, repositioning and renovation. We’re thoughtful about the projects we take on and will make strategic investments ranging from $5M to upwards of $100M.

East Boston

425 Border Street | 16-unit condo development

Project Details
  • The property closed on December 2018, and is expected to break ground mid 2019.
  • Prime location in East Boston, near the waterfront and public transportation.
  • Secured the deal through an off-market sourcing relationship.
Navem Role
  • Navem won the deal due to our relationships with an off-market broker who knew the owner, a local developer. Our partnership approach also helped win the deal, as we partnered with the developer to finish the full permitting process.
  • Navem then fully bought out the local developer. We now control the property and are acting as developer to complete and sell the project.

South Boston

270 Dorchester Ave | 116-unit condo development, parking and retail

Project Details
  • The property closed in January 2019, and we expect to break ground in the middle of 2019.
  • Highly attractive and well-developed area in South Boston, and near Seaport District.
Navem Role
  • Navem had direct connection to seller, and was able to secure the deal after a failed transaction with another buyer.
  • Navem had been landscaping this highly sought after area of South Boston and is in the process of pursuing other developments in the area.


31-35 Wyoming Ave | 30-unit condo development and retail

Project Details
  • Raw land site signed on October 2018.
  • Very attractive commuter site to Boston—the site is located less than 50 feet from major commuter rail station. Condos will cater to commuter population.
  • Navem expects to secure project permits in late 2019, and construction will begin in early 2020.
Navem Role
  • Navem had a connection to an off-market broker and structured a deal with very limited risk.
  • Navem is in the planning and design phase and will soon begin the approval process with the city.


30 Berkshire Street | 3-unit condo development

Project Details
  • The property closed in March 2019, and construction is under-way.
  • Located in Cambridge, close to Kendall Square.
Navem Role
  • Navem secured the project through an off-market relationship, in an un-marketed deal.
  • Navem navigated complex ownership dynamics—purchasing from a condo association after a fire destroyed the prior property. Prior to purchase, the property sat vacant for more than 2 years.
  • Navem is looking to rapidly rebuild and deliver a property that will add value not just to its investors, but also to the surrounding Cambridge neighborhood.

South End

23 Upton Street | 3-unit luxury condo development

Project Details
  • The property closed in March 2019, and construction is expected to begin in the middle of 2019. Pre-marketing is already underway, with sellout expected by mid 2020.
  • Three luxury condos, with high-end fixtures are planned.
  • Located in the highly desired Union Park neighborhood of the South End.
Navem Role
  • Navem’s strong community connections within this area helped to secure the deal.
  • Navem developed close relationship with selling estate.  Property had been vacant for more than 10 years.

West Broadway

457-469 West Broadway | 44-unit condo development, parking and retail

Project Details
  • Navem closed its acquisition on the property in September 2019.
  • Fully approved, near-permit ready project expected to begin demo immediately.
  • Located in highly active development area, near public transportation and Seaport District.
Navem Role
  • Navem landed the deal through off-market relationships, and structured a highly-attractive deal with the prior developer who will remain on as the general contractor.
  • Navem has deep experience in the neighborhood and very much believe in the long term value as South Boston develops, particularly this key intersection at East and West Broadway.
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